Working outside  the box.

At side•sea, we take a step away from 9-5 office culture to stay creative & passionate about our work.

Back to the basics

Concept work always starts with a pencil and paper.

Room with a view

Fort Gorges, as seen from the headquarters

The great outdoors

Nature therapy is real, and we care about work life balance. Happy sessions.

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Our creative director, Orion Alden, giving a design talk at MECA in Portland Maine

We are everywhere.

Although we have an office headquarters in Portland, Maine, many of our employees work remotely, from Greater New England to San Francisco to Europe. Even our local employees take advantage of our remote work culture, spending weeks or months at a time working remotely from far-flung destinations, or taking a day or two to work from home. Whatever the reason or the location, it doesn’t matter. Our team uses superior communication, work ethic, and flexibility to make the remote working dream a reality.

see where we're working

All the perks & benefits of a stable office job,
without the limitations.

We Stay Productive

By using program management and communication tools like Trello, Slack, UberConference, and more, we have an incredibly tight process that keeps our team on the same page, working efficiently and collaboratively. We produce amazing results together, even from thousands of miles apart.

We Stay in Touch

Isn’t it lonely working remotely? Not when your colleagues are just a button-press away. Yes, we hold productive meetings with clients and with each other, but we also use Slack to chitchat just like you would with a deskmate. And, once a year we gather our team together so we can meet face-to-face and celebrate our work.

We Stay Energized

We’ve created a remote work culture because we want our team to stay fresh, passionate, and invigorated, and sometimes you need a little break in the ol’ routine to accomplish that. At side•sea, we encourage you to create a lifestyle that keeps you happy and productive.

Do work that does good.

When it all boils down, the best part of working at side • sea are the amazing clients we meet along the way. When you work with organizations who are changing the world for the better, you get to be a small part of that change, and that’s pretty cool. It’s the strength, passion, innovation, and goodness of these organizations that keep us motivated and excited.


Join the
side•sea team.

Although we have an office based in Portland, Maine, our team of talented people are from all over the world.

Junior Developer

Junior Developers start by creating custom WordPress sites for nonprofits and select design agencies, eventually moving on to product development.

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Project Manager

Our Project Managers expertly guide our customers through the web design process, ensuring that projects are executed on time and budget.

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Junior Website Designer

Junior Website Designer's create & determine the layout, typography pairings & selection, color palette, logos, branding, imagery and other visual of a website, from concept through revisions to a final design.

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