Project Manager

Portland, ME

Job Description

We build digital interfaces that raise tens of millions of dollars for charities all over the world each year.

We are focused on catalyzing a paradigm shift in the way nonprofits approach digital. We want every nonprofit, regardless of their size, skills, or budget, to be able to effectively convert action, and understand how to improve their conversion funnels’ effectiveness over time.

Our user’s experience and the interfaces they interact with is critical to achieving this vision. You will become part of a group of experts, all of whom are passionate about building world-class products that have a positive impact.

Working with us

You will work out of our Downtown Portland, ME location as your primary location, but we encourage working remotely and traveling. We strongly identify with the following characteristics:

  • We fight for the people trying to create a better future because we are humanitarians that believe the only way to get to a better place is to build the path that takes you there.
  • Sustainability is everything. We are a bootstrapped company that has taken $0 dollars in investment money. We make our decisions as a team and ensure only those in the trenches with us impact our future.
  • Global online payments excites us. We are deeply interested in the movement of money online and the accompanying technology. Conversion funnels, donor engagement, and attrition models are things we think deeply about.
  • Move fast, but don’t break things. We are aggressive with our development schedules and understand the value of being able to move quickly. However, we are processing millions of dollars for charities all over the world, so shipping bug-free software is a must.
  • Cross-pollination is the key to creating productive people. We believe that in all aspects of life the more you experience and learn the better person you’ll become. Our career tracts are focused on improving your skills and experience. If a member of the team isn’t learning, we have a major problem.

What we are looking for:

In order to be effective from day 1, we need you to have at least 2 years of client-facing project management experience in digital or creative projects. You will be managing up to 10 design and/or technology projects at a time so strong organization and professional communication skills are required.
Ideally you have experience in web design projects or at least a passion for digital design and technology. As you progress we will work with you to develop confidence in digital and creative strategies to ensure you succeed on the front line.

Project Management

We execute custom wordpress websites, digital marketing strategies, and operate a fundraising SaaS product for nonprofits and digital partners. You will be charged with guiding customers through the web design process and ensuring that projects are executed on time and budget.

Daily tasks will include:

  • Overseeing the project process to ensure timeline and budget
  • Managing internal queues for designers and developers through Trello
  • QA on all project tasks before presenting to clients
  • Scheduling and coordinating client meetings with the internal team
  • Providing support on presentations and taking detailed revision notes
  • Presenting design and development revisions
  • Coordinating with clients to ensure all content is received in a timely fashion
  • Answering client questions via email
  • Recommending improvements to the process
  • Launching amazing websites that change the world

Required Skills

  • Strong sense of organization
  • Professionalism in all forms of communication
  • Ability to think on your feet and perform in client meetings
  • Detail oriented and schedule focused
  • Strong word processing and spreadsheets
  • Calm, cool and collected
  • Understanding of project scope and budgets
  • Strong multi-tasker


  • Healthcare, Dental & Vision
  • Maternity & Paternity Leave
  • Bonus
  • 80 Hours Paid Vacation
  • 70 Hours Paid Sick
  • Laptop of your Choice
  • Flexible Work Schedule / Remote Work Options
  • Salaried Compensation Commensurate on Experience
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