Allyson Whitney Foundation

Shining a Light on Rare Cancers

Remembering Allyson Whitney

The Allyson Whitney Foundation heroically takes on a mission devoted to serving the needs of young adults with rare cancers — a demographic that’s historically underserved when it comes to cancer fundraising and awareness. The organization is named for Allyson Whitney Strong, a young woman who passed away after a hard-fought battle with small cell cervical cancer.

Shop for the Cause

The Allyson Whitney Foundation sells merchandise as a way to support the amazing work they do. We designed an online store for them that integrates seamlessly into their site.

Meet the AWF Warriors

The site features an inspiring grid of warriors who fought against cancer with the help of the AWF. As you roll over each image, it changes from black and white to full color.


When Ally’s mother, Barbara, got in touch with Side・Sea to redesign the AWF website, she had one clear direction in mind — she wanted the site to be a reflection of Ally. Ally was a fighter and cared deeply about others. After her cancer diagnosis, she made it her mission to help others in the same situation, whether it be financially, physically, or mentally.

“I can’t thank you enough for capturing my vision to honor my daughter and all the amazing people that have inspired us to continue (as crazy and hard as it is). I really feel confident now to put my foot forward to go after [the fundraising] to help many more.”

Barbara Strong

Chief Executive Officer of the AWF and Ally’s mother.