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Money management is hard for people of any age and in any stage of their financial life. Apprisen is a nonprofit that provides custom help to people hoping to achieve financial goals and eventually reach financial freedom. When side • sea first connected with Apprisen, their website was a bit confusing, outdated, and no longer reflected the progressive and expanding mission of the organization.


Apprisen wanted to make the sign-up process as accessible and painless as possible. Together, we came up with IRIS, an avatar that guides users through the step-by-step process.

Putting the spotlight on services

Apprisen's many financial services are the most important part of their mission, so we made sure each one got its own page with plenty of engaging elements and functionality.

Built-In Financial Calculators

Some of Apprisen's most important resources are the many on-site calculators they provide for different financial situations. Designing and building branded calculators ensures the site is a powerful and robust tool for users.

Building a Robust Resource

Apprisen is so much more than a marketing tool. The site is an important resource, with tons of information and financial tools for those who need the help, even without signing up for their services. Their resources page is packed with opportunities to learn - classes, workshops, worksheets, calculators, tips on budgeting, credit scores, and more, all organized seamlessly into a clean scrolling experience.

Apprisen was a unique project – we were tasked with branding their submission process, which featured an avatar – now known as IRIS. This presented us with some interesting design challenges. What does IRIS look like? Is it a person or a robot? An avatar or an illustration? After extensive research and working with the client through the design rounds, we ended up on a professional, inviting, and confident illustration. Using IRIS as our inspiration, we were able to create the world of Apprisen through a strong and consistent color palette, complementary illustrations, and compelling messaging.

Orian Alden

Creative Director

side • sea agency