Children’s Advocacy Alliance of Nevada

Stand Together for Nevada's Children

Why does children's advocacy matter?

The Children's Advocacy Alliance is a is a community-based nonprofit that mobilizes people, resources, and reason to create a better future for children. side • sea partnered with the Nevada chapter of the Children's Advocacy Alliance, also known as CAANV, to create a web presence that would inform and help gain support from local citizens for their programs and initiatives.

Helping Nevada Make the Grade

CAANV wanted to highlight the areas where Nevada was falling behind. Hovering over a specific category animates the content in that section and links to an interior page with more info.

Spotlighting CAANV's Potential

We designed and built a custom, interactive "report card" for CAANV that allows the user to engage with each category and see the potential of CAANV's programs.

Making Information Engaging

Advocacy isn't an easy topic. CAANV's subject matter could be daunting, so we needed to make sure that the site was straight-forward, engaging, and easy to use. We used small animations over important content areas and created an interactive report card that allows users to play with a sliding grade scale to see what it would take for Nevada to achieve a higher grade. Their resource page is colorful and animated and allows users to easily filter through categories to find exactly what they need.

Children’s Advocacy Alliance needed a way to show the public the potential of their programming. We designed and custom-built a report card that featured interactive components that allow users to see the possible change in grades and outcomes with the help of CAANV’s programs.

Alex Morse


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