Electrification Coalition

EV Solutions to the Oil Challenge

Working toward an oil-free future

The best part about working with nonprofits is knowing that we’re playing a small part in creating a better future. Working with The Electrification Coalition was no exception - they’re a nonpartisan, not-for-profit group of business leaders committed to ending the oil dependence that threatens the nation’s economic, environmental and national security by focusing on the electrification of transportation. We understood that an organization with such a clean, modern vision of the future would need a website to match.

A hero impression that tells a story

An animated hero banner clearly spells out EC’s challenge, solution, and mission, making for an engaging first impression.

Big Ideas

Switching an entire industry’s energy source is no simple concept or feat. We worked with EC to break down their messaging into small blocks of texts paired with clean images and pulsating icons that the user can click for more information.

Resource Hub

The Resource Center houses all of EC's materials relating to policies, case studies, events, and articles. Filters make it easy to organize and find specific resources.

Creating a Website for the Future

The Electrification Coalition wanted a clean, futuristic design that could break down its big ideas into digestible, bite-sized pieces that wouldn’t overwhelm users. While their mission remains extensive, we spent a lot of time in the discovery and design phases to ensure that every page of the website is engaging and accessible, so that the core of their work doesn’t get lost in the enormity and importance of their vision.