Friends of UNFPA

Reproductive Health and Safe Childbirth to Women and Children All Over the World

Meet the United Nations Population Fund

As the fundraising arm of the United Nations Population Fund, Friends of UNFPA’s mission serves women and children all over the world, and the work that they do is tremendous. UNFPA supplies 500 million couples with contraception each year, they’ve provided over 16 million women and girls given with reproductive health care services, counseling, and family planning services during humanitarian emergencies in 2016, and have saved the lives of over 93,000 mothers during childbirth since 2014. And that’s just the beginning.

A new take on a classic design

The design had to be unique, but still keep the branding and structural elements of the main UNFPA site.

Expanding Giving Channels

In order to expand giving, we created several different giving channels, so users could choose which focus area they wanted to donate to.

Threatened with Defunding, UNFPA Needed a Redesign

In 2016, the new presidential administration was expected to defund the organization, so UNFPA needed a way to massively expand their individual giving channels in order to sustain their organization after the defunding, which eventually came to fruition on April 3rd, 2017.

We worked with Friends of UNFPA to create a site that accomplished a few specific goals:

  • It needed to be clearly associated with, but distinguished from, the main UNFPA website.
  • The new site needed to be edgier, more modern, and designed to communicate the impact of the amazing work being done by the organization.
  • It had to be up to the most modern SEO standards and structured for the best possible organic traffic listings

While the site is unique in design from the main UNFPA site, we kept a lot of the branding and structure elements so that the association between the two sites were clear and uniform. We also created a feature that allows Friends of UNFPA to pull in news stories from the main UNFPA site using an RSS feed, which keeps Friends of UNFPA as up-to-date and relevant as the main site.