Full Plates Full Potential

Ending Child Hunger in Maine

Ending Child Hunger

Full Plates Full Potential is a compassionate organization working to eradicate child hunger in Maine. By partnering with local businesses, they have been able to award hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of grants to schools throughout the state to help ensure that every child is properly fed at school using breakfast, after-school, and summer meal programs. When FPFP partnered with side • sea, they needed a new website that would allow them to expand their fundraising efforts and serve as an informative and helpful resource for schools who needed funds or users who wanted to get involved in the effort.

Seamless Application

We designed each grant page in a way that presented information in a digestible way with an easy-to-use application integrated into the site.

Creating a Dynamic Homepage

An animated hero impression shows a school lunch tray filling up with food. Strong hero banners capture the user’s attention and compels them to keep scrolling.

Showcasing Each Partner

A big part of the new site was giving space to showcase every business that raised money for Full Plates. Beautifully designed partner pages help motivate other businesses to get involved.

Designed Event Pages

Community events are a big part of Full Plate’s fundraising, so it was important that we create a custom-designed template that broke up informative content with beautiful imagery.

Collaborating to Create

While our design team worked on creating clean, compelling pages, our development team was working with Full Plates on an application that allowed their partner businesses to log in and easily transfer the funds they raised back to Full Plates. We also built the ability for school administrators to log in to the site to access grant information and applications with a saving progress feature, while Full Plates can use the backend to create the applications, set up automated emails that go out after the submission process, and run reports on metrics related to their grant programs. A robust, easy-to-use backend turns a beautiful site into a highly functional digital tool as well.

We are extremely satisfied with side•sea. From the beginning, they listened to our specific website needs, helped us build our vision, and worked hard to build a functional and attractive site — all at an affordable price. We would highly recommend side•sea to anyone looking to build a professional website.

Justin Alfond

Full Plates Full Potential