International Cooperating Ministries

A Healthy Church Within Walking Distance

The Charity Water of Churches

Founded in 1986, the International Cooperating Ministries takes on an impressive task: building a church within walking distance from every person on the planet. ICM works tirelessly at this mission with a steadfast faith that with the right resources and support, they can set up every community on earth with a safe and providing gathering space. By leveraging modern technology, ICM has become one of the most accessible ministries in the world.

Mapping Their Impact

side • sea designed an interactive map that illustrates the enormous global impact of ICM

Telling Their Stories

Beautiful, full-bleed photography draws in users and breaks up the site with dynamic, visual content.

Re-Designing for Maximum Impact

We teamed up with the decision makers at ICM to create a total site redesign that truly expresses the impressive size of their impact. We started the process by focusing on the organization of the site -- like a lot of nonprofits, ICM had many ways to get people involved in their mission, but lacked a compelling and clean way to present these options. As a solution, we created a mosaic using their brand colors that provides an interactive “menu” of all the ways to support the organization.

“side•sea helped take our website to a new level and created a page we can be proud of that reflects our mission well. I especially loved the initial process of working with side•sea to determine our style preferences. They provided us with two initial design concepts to choose from, which was a great way to visually see different ways the site could look and then choose elements from both for the final product.”

Ryan Holloway

Director of Market Development and Communications

International Cooperating Ministries