Just Love Worldwide

Freedom Changes Everything

Love sets you free

Just Love Worldwide is a Maine-based organization that empowers and supports victims of sex trafficking. When we first spoke to them, they were a brand new nonprofit, newly embarking on their mission. The first step? Create a modern, welcoming online presence that educated users and encouraged them to get involved. That's where side • sea comes in.

Educating Their Audience

One of the messages Just Love wanted to emphasize was that sex trafficking wasn't a vague, far-away issue. It's something that's happening right in the state of Maine, and it's a problem that needs to be addressed.

Leveraging Hopsie Donations

We integrated our proprietary donation software, Hopsie, to create a beautifully designed and seamless donation experience.

Making the Appeal for Support

Since Just Love Worldwide is a fairly new organization, they have a strong need for community support. Many of their projects are still in the fundraising stage, so we really wanted to emphasize their vision, giving real estate on the site for upcoming projects. Each upcoming project contains calls-to-action that ask users to donate or to hold their own fundraisers on Just Love's behalf using our Hopsie fundraising software.

As a new nonprofit we were so nervous about developing a website! We had zero experience but we knew that without it we would not exist! From the moment we shook hands with Alex and Orion the nerves went away and suddenly it was like embarking on an adventure with a guide!! We waited anxiously for each update as we witnessed our dream and vision come to life! I loved the laughing the most! We always felt like we were engaging with friends and family, a feeling and relationship that has endured long after we went “live!” I am so happy that side • sea was chosen and so excited to see what the future holds…together.

Nancy Gallinaro

Founder & Executive Director

Just Love Worldwide