Internationally Recognized Degrees in Rwanda

Education in the Developing World

A nonprofit based in Rwanda, Kepler is revolutionizing the way higher education is delivered in the developing world. With two locations, Kepler serves both locals and refugees, teaching crucial and valuable skills that lead to most graduates landing jobs only months after they receive their diplomas.

Sharing Their Values

On Kepler's "Team" page, this colorful grid represents the organization's values. Each box of the grid features a roll-over state that delves deeper into each of those values.

Two Locations, One Mission

A location portal distinguishes between Kepler's two campuses. By clicking "Learn More," users can jump to an interior page that holds more information about each location.

Appealing to Both Audiences

Kepler wanted a modern website redesign that would serve two audiences: their students, and those looking to gain information about the organization in general. To accomplish this, our designers created a student portal that guides students from both of their campuses to access announcements, event calendars, policy changes, and academic information, making the site a robust resource for Kepler’s current students.

“Kepler, as an American accredited University providing higher education in Rwanda, had unique needs in creating a centralized website for their multiple campuses. side•sea designed and built a Student Portal that enables students to sign in and view announcements, academic calendars & course registrations, policies, career services and more.”

Alex Morse

CEO & Co-Founder

Hopsie Inc | side•sea