Music Heals International

Strength Through Music

Inspiring Achievement, Resilience & Creativity

Music Heals International is an organization that brings music to students in underprivileged parts of Haiti who are still dealing with the aftermath of recent natural disasters. Through music, MHI brings creativity, resilience, achievement, and culture to classrooms around the country. Using a specifically built model, MHI’s programs impact individual students, their families, the community, and eventually hope to see a broad social change over time within the communities they serve.

MHI came to us with beautiful visual assets -- they had hundreds of high-res photos and videos of their students, teachers, and community members. Our design team knew those images would be valuable in creating an engaging and evocative site and immediately put their video clips to good use by creating a looping hero banner made up of footage of their students. Our copy team crafted the hero message, “Strength Through Music,” setting the inspirational tone for the rest of the site.

“The site looks beautiful!! We are so excited. It looks gorgeous and we have really loved working with everyone.”

Sara Wasserman

Founder & Executive Director

Music Heals International