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A Pas de Deux - sidesea & e9digital

The Center for Ballet and the Arts at New York NYU is an institute dedicated to reimagining the art of ballet in a way that honors its history and practice while still bringing its performances into the 21st century. Boasting international status, it focuses with passion on ballet and all the related arts and sciences related to the art form.

Discover the Center

Under the "Discover" tab, users can catch up on news, reports, social media, and more, all organized in a clean and digestible grid.

Bringing Together Copy and Design

A custom-designed Venn Diagram adds a dynamic element to NYU's "Our Model" content.

For this project, we teamed up with NYC digital agency e9digital to act as their user experience and development partner, stepping in as a white label operation partner for their project. It was our job to come up with web functions that would appeal to multiple audiences: the past, present, and future community members of CBA.

To accomplish this, we added the following functionalities:

  • A “Fellow Search” that allowed past and present CBA fellows to publish their work in one, central database.
  • An event platform that allowed CBA to both promote upcoming events and publish recaps on past events.
  • A donation platform that integrated with NYU’s default payment processor, so that alumni and other users could easily donate to the institution
  • For prospective students, an application system embedded in the site that organized information on the multiple programs open for application.