Equal Possibilities From the Start

A World Where Every Child Succeeds

ParentChild+ is an organization dedicated to ensuring that every child enters school ready to succeed by giving parents the knowledge and resources needed to build school readiness. ParentChild+ is a big organization, and their site needed to accommodate the breadth of their work and resources. Our challenge would be building a site that could organize all their important information in a clean and accessible way.

Mapping their Impact

Because ParentChild+ has several locations around the country, we created a custom map that presents its locations is a digestible way. Clicking on each state reveals further locations, coordinators, and directors of each state.

Working in Partnership

We took on this project in partnership with Siegelvision, a branding and communications firm based out of New York.

The Knowledge Center

Our design team came up with a clean, responsive design to store the many resources of ParentChild+. Users can click into each category and watch it expand to reveal downloadable reports and outcomes.

Meet the Team

Because ParentChild+ is a national organization with multiple locations, we decided to employ a sub-navigation system to present each branch of the team in an uncluttered fashion.

Working Across Teams for ParentChild+

We met ParentChild+ through a communications and branding agency in New York City called Siegelvision. They had already worked with ParentChild+ on a total rename and rebrand, elevating and preparing the organization for their next phase of rapid growth. Because Siegelvision is not a web agency, they reached out to side • sea to ask if we could expand upon the work they had done and build a clean, functional, and cutting edge website that would reflect ParentChild+'s sleek new brand.

“Having only basic knowledge of website design and functionality makes creating a new site overwhelming. side•sea makes it easy. From day one, their team of experts makes the process simple and manageable. After months of collaboration, we now have a modern and professional site that clearly represents our organization. Thanks to side • sea, we are proud to share our website with the world.”

Courtney Inman

Development & Events Director