Real World Scholars

Out of the Classroom, Into the Community

Real World Problem Solving

If Real World Scholars doesn’t look like your average, traditional education nonprofit, that’s because they’re not. Regurgitating tired sayings and boilerplate solutions isn’t the MO for Real World Scholars. They’re a young team of educators who believe that the future of education exists outside the classroom, within the community, and outside of old textbooks and within hands-on, real-world problem-solving.

Breaking the Grid

Because Real World Scholars is anything but ordinary, our design team immediately scrapped the idea of setting them up with a traditional grid design. Instead, we break the grid with animated and offset sections of content, accompanied by modern gradient banners and large, high-resolution photos that depict real students and projects in action. Because RWS is constantly moving, changing, and searching for the next discovery or big idea, we wanted their website to embody that constant movement. Content animates with the hover of the mouse, logos and pictures fall into place as you scroll, and number counters tick upward, creating an online hub of movement and progress.

SXSW was amazing and exhausting and a blur and I am so glad it’s over. Thanks again for all of your work getting the site together on time. It looks AWESOME!

Elyse Burden


Real World Scholars