Schools for the Children of the World

Building the future, one school at a time.

Building the future one school at a time

Schools for the Children of the World, or SCW, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building quality schools in underdeveloped countries. Their work can be seen in the form of over 125 school buildings built across Central America, Africa, and the Caribbean. The organization needed a solid new web presence in order to showcase their powerful work, encourage people to volunteer, and raise money for future projects.

A Global Effort

SCW has four locations around the world, making it a truly international organization. We showcased this on their new website to illustrate how impactful their work really is.

A call for volunteers

Volunteers are a big part of SCW's organization, providing a large portion of the workforce at school construction sites. It was important for the homepage to feature upcoming trips.

Making an Impact

Building credibility and showcasing impact is a huge part of motivating users to volunteer and donate. Stats and success stories show users exactly what their money and volunteerism achieves.

A picture of a better future

SCW is an organization of action. With over 130 projects completed in 10 different countries, they have strong results that back up their processes and approach. In order to make this happen, though, they need strong fundraising and volunteer channels. A site that features beautiful, compelling images of work being done builds credibility and motivates users to get involved. Each page of the site includes multiple jumping in points for getting involved, while authentic, striking imagery keeps the user engaged.