SeaChange Capital

Relentless Nonprofit Champion

Making an Impact

side • sea devotes most of its work to helping nonprofits navigate the digital world. So we met our match when we teamed up with SeaChange Capital, an organization that helps nonprofits navigate the incredibly complex world of finances and development. Using their experience, financial resources, and connections, SeaChange supports organizations through the financial challenges that come with operating a nonprofit.

Working with Passion

SeaChange is incredibly passionate and proud of the nonprofits they help. Finding a comprehensive way to display their case studies was essential. We created a simple grid design that featured key information for the work completed on each project.

Organizing Funds

SeaChange assists nonprofits using five different funds, each with different missions, requirements, and stakeholders. We organized these funds into a clean chart that clearly displays all the key information. When you click on a fund, the information changes to match.

Clear Imagery

SeaChange wanted a visual that could illustrate the different avenues through which they can aid nonprofits. They put their thoughts on paper as a hand-drawn sketch, and our design team turned it into this comprehensive, branded diagram.

Easy User Experience

Finances are hard for anyone to navigate, let alone a boot-strapped nonprofit. SeaChange wanted their new website to be as accessible and inviting as possible, providing clear solutions and calls-to-action that wouldn’t intimidate prospective clients. We spent a good amount of time in the information architecture stage of the project, making absolutely sure we had created a seamless user experience and presented their content in a comprehensible way.