The Foundation for Community Development and Empowerment

Working together. Powering positive change.

Building Thriving Communities

The Foundation for Community Development and Empowerment, or FCDE, is an organization whose philosophy is rooted in locally-led, sustainable development practices that uplift communities and make comprehensive, lasting change. Based in Uganda, they partner with grassroots organizations tackling the root causes of poverty and injustice in rural communities. Unhappy with their current website and needing a more robust, organized, and visually appealing space to spread their mission, they partnered with side • sea for a full website redesign.

Mapping Their Impact

Currently operating out of two different regions in Uganda, FCDE plans to expand their work to other regions and countries. We created an extensible map that allows them to clearly showcase their growing locations.

Telling Their Stories

The best way to showcase your impact is by hearing directly from the people you serve. Throughout the FCDE site, we designed jumping-in points for “Featured Stories,” which highlighted the work FCDE has done in conjunction with different grassroots organizations.

Amplifying Their Mission

Like many of our clients, FCDE uses our proprietary fundraising platform, Hopsie. We integrated an FCDE-branded Hopsie widget into the site, allowing users to seamlessly start the donation process.

Purposeful Imagery

Throughout the site, you’ll see beautiful imagery, colors, and patterns that tie together to give a cohesive picture of Uganda told through different elements of the design. The basketweave pattern that we see as an overlay across various sections pays tribute to a popular trade in the country, and the yellows and greens used throughout the site represent the colors of the landscape. We made good use of the amazing photographs FCDE provided for us, telling the story of the organization through dynamic imagery.