United Breast Cancer Foundation

Support beyond measure, for a life beyond cancer.

Hope for Every Woman

Working with nonprofits that have a strong mission is important to us. United Breast Cancer Foundation’s mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of those affected by breast cancer, and the value that UBCF provides to this population is tremendous. They partnered with side • sea to create a website that both educates users and provides valuable resources to fighting or recovering from breast cancer.

Donation Integration

In addition to web design, we also integrated our fundraising software, Hopsie, into UBCF's website. A branded, stylized widget allows donors to begin a seamless donation process.

Sharing Stories

UBCF wanted to find a way to share the impactful stories of those they serve. We created a testimonial scroller that tells first-hand stories from cancer survivors who benefited from UBCF’s programs.

Programs that Serve

UBCF has a wide array of programs for those fighting breast cancer, from scholarships to mattress donations, grants, and so much more. We created a sub navigation on the homepage for easy-access to these important pages.

Shades of Pink

The “Pink Ribbon” is such an important and recognizable symbol for breast cancer awareness. Together with UBCF, our design team decided to go with a color palette based on that symbol, offsetting the bright pink with a calming and harmonious cornflower blue. With lots of white space, the design is clean, modern, and inviting.