#WeAre Foundation

Building a Movement

#WeAre Building A Movement

The #WeAre Foundation is a unique organization that uses “the connective power of the arts to amplify voices that emphasize our shared humanity.” They achieve this through educational programs that teach young people about their civic and collective responsibilities, using art as a vehicle for their education and impact. We worked on #WeAre’s website design in partnership with the New York City design agency e9digital, a longstanding collaborator of ours. Together, we used our collective expertise to create a dynamic, interactive, and beautiful new website that showcases #WeAre’s mission and impact in an engaging and compelling way.

Design that Performs

The hero impression of the site features a looping video of faces staring into the camera. This concept was inspired by a music video #WeAre had already produced, and they ended up shooting some custom footage to achieve this impactful hero banner

Building a Community

The #WeAre Foundation strives to build a strong community of like-minded people. That’s why we created an effortless application process for their ambassador program, in which participants help share the message of arts and civil responsibility.

#WeAre the Vote

A big part of #WeAre's mission is encouraging young people to vote. That's why we created an easy-to-use, branded interface that asks the user to select their state, which then populates a link that leads the user to that state's voter information page.

Using Movement to Build Momentum

The conscious decision to use imagery that shows movement helps give the design a sense of energy and momentum.

A Beautiful User Experience

Because #WeAre is a collective of artists, they came to us with beautiful video and imagery that they had already shot. Our Creative Director used this as inspiration, especially on the homepage, where we used their custom-shot video as a recurring element - as the user scrolls down the page, the video plays through a stencil-like viewport, which was inspired by the #WeAre logo. Almost every section of the website has a dynamic element to it that keeps the user focused and engaged, and our development team did an amazing job creating a smooth and seamless scrolling experience.