What’s Your Grief

Grief Support for the Rest of Us

Learning to Navigate Grief

Grief is an emotion that can be overwhelming. When you lose a loved one, learning how to navigate the world without them can be devastating and lonely. What’s Your Grief provides an outlet for grievers to share their story and gain resources, as well as resources for grievers, grief professionals, and those who are supporting a grieving person. What’s Your Grief connected with side • sea for a website redesign that would help them connect those who are grieving to the wealth of resources and support that What’s Your Grief provides.

A Library of Resources

One of our biggest hurdles was organizing WYG’s resources in an organized, easy-to-browse way. We created a system that filters their resource library by both audience and category, making for a seamless UX experience.

A Way to Connect

What’s Your Grief provides multiple outlets throughout their site to share your grief. They have options to submit Snapshots, Grief in Six Words, Recipes, and Secret Projects. Each of these different avenues provides a different way to express your grief.

Seamless E-Commerce

Many of What’s Your Grief’s resources and products are available in their online shop. Integrating a simple, modern e-commerce platform makes for an effortless shopping experience.

A Design that Calms

Throughout the site, our design team used colors and imagery that evoke tranquility and serenity. Since grief can be so overwhelming and upsetting, it was our job to ensure that the design and architecture of the site was a calming, pleasant experience. This meant really honing in on the overall user experience and putting ourselves in the shoes of someone going through the most difficult time in their life. How can we create an experience that helps ease that burden?