WINGS Guatemala

It All Begins with Reproductive Rights

Guatemala Needs Wings

WINGS Guatemala is an impressive organization. Operated by mostly local Guatemalan women, the team of passionate healthcare providers and educators are strong believers that everyone should have access to reproductive education and rights. To accomplish this, WINGS focuses on serving the 94% of the country that lives in rural, underserved areas with little or no access to modern reproductive health care.

WINGS is also a bilingual organization; while their focus is on providing health care and education to rural, Spanish-speaking citizens, they also serve English speakers, and many of their supporters are English speakers as well. In order to serve both of these populations, they needed an intuitive way to present their content in both Spanish and English.

Designing the Diamond

The red diamond that we used for the language portals, sub-navigation, and an English/Spanish toggle was inspired by WINGS’ red, geometric logo.

Colors of the Culture

We took colors and textures that were representative of Guatemala’s culture to create vibrant, textured canvases on which to display their messaging.

Stunning visuals create a stunning design

Once we had a detailed concept of their brand and design preferences, we began to build their information architecture. We organized all of their bilingual content under the “Our Work” page and included a portal on the home page that allowed users to jump to the information they needed in either English or Spanish. Our design team also began to work out the strategic placement of the amazing photos that WINGS had provided us.

We used the colorful, evocative photographs with a black overlay as our hero banners, and broke up sections of every page with vivid background imagery.

“I really can’t say enough positive things about the whole process. side•sea’s team is incredibly responsive and personable. It felt like we were working with our friends rather than paying a company for a product.”

Kirsten Taylor

Director of Development & Communications

Wings Of Guatemala